In-House Diagnostics

Blood testing is important in all medicine, both human and animal, but is especially important as our pets cannot tell us where they hurt. Cumberland Animal Hospital is pleased to offer the most advanced blood testing analyzers available in veterinary medicine. Our lab consists of a Complete Blood Count (CBC) analyzer, blood chemistry unit, electrolyte testing, and T4 and cortisol analysis.

A complete blood count determines how many red cells, white cells, and platelets are available in your pet’s blood. These red cell values help our doctors understand if your pet has enough red blood cells or if they are anemic, meaning there is a lack of blood cell production. White cell counts can indicate certain types of infection as well as indicate if an animal may be suffering from certain cancers or leukemia. Finally, platelet counts can show if the blood can clot.

Blood chemistry values indicate levels of organ function, including the liver and kidneys. Blood chemistry levels allow our doctors to know how well or poorly these organs are performing, or if they are diseased or impaired. Electrolytes indicate whether or not fluid therapy may be necessary for your pet. T4 and cortisol levels are indicators of thyroid conditions and adrenal function.

All of these valuable levels can be determined quickly in our lab, meaning our doctors can begin immediate treatment if necessary. These analyzers are also convenient for our clients, as we can obtain the results during your appointment time and begin a diagnosis for your pet.